The most beautiful journeys are not always the ones we thought, but the ones we needed without even knowing it. That was exactly what happened in Southeast Asia.

In Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pai (Thailand), each place varies between astonishment, peace, and pain. Because there are goodbyes that are hard, but may we always know how to look at the brief and sublime that moves us.

Thailand had this feeling of constant learning, knowing that we must leave for the next destination. There was a special attention to who we are and who we wanted to be.

When travelling by ourselves, there was a particular attention to everything, and maybe it was why we learned that we need this journey more than any other one. Later in Laos, crossing the Mekongo River, Luang Pnagang, and Viang Vieng village, I understood the truth centred on the path and on things. The green illuminates the river course, and being lucky enough to know we were right there.

The sky was constantly changing colour, and there was clarity in the landscape. Therefore, I was grateful for every precise moment, breathing deeply with my bare feet against the rocks.

Moreover, in Vietnam, in the cities of Hanoi and Nihn Bihn, and still in the course of the river, the light reflected every impression of freedom. And in everything, I saw chaos, travel, and home.

In Catba, there was the view of small islands lost in the middle of the ocean. And the certainty that we are infinitely tiny in the middle of it all. There were so many islands and a deep blue around that gave us the impression of being fluctuating somewhere.

In Hue and Hoi An, in a single glance, we can observe multiple antiquities, all intact and preserved. The time keeps between the light and the green that never passes. At the lantern festival, there were many lights with all the colours in front of us.

And finally, in Cambodia, the city of Phnom Phen and Kampot show us one kind of deep silence: the lightness and calm of a lifetime.

In Siem Riep, the ancient sacred remains in each temple, with the certainty of the existence of a continually protected truth.

When we came back to Bangkok, we felt that the end is always the beginning of another path, a road, perhaps one day or another journey. We keep with us what matters and accept what we still need to learn.

There are many feelings at the end of a journey. Therefore, we knew that we were infinitely happy to be exactly in that place, to succeed in something. Having the courage to overcome those fears, the limits we had at the beginning. However, we had this feeling that we could have stayed travelling for much longer.

However, we will never be able to thank that sunset in the canyon, the sound of the waterfalls, the days spent on a boat, the sunrises with the warm air balloons, swimming in beaches and lagoons, the lights of all colours and the ancient temples. There is a completeness that I feel at every level of travel, in what we have overcome, and even in the people we have met.

It was as if travelling alone has opened the infinite number of doors of reflection, the improvement and the desire to be different. I want to keep each of these reflections.We have created something, the attention we have constantly paid to my qualities and defects, the changes we have made, and the changes we have made to who I am.

Once upon a time, it was the feeling of being more than grateful for a long time.