Beck & Eggeling is pleased to present an exhibition with small to medium-sized sculptures by three artists from 12th February to 22nd March 2014 at Bilker Straße 5, 40213 Düsseldorf. The artists Bertozzi & Casoni, Fré Ilgen and Aljoscha meet in this Side Show, displaying works made of diverse materials such as ceramic, acrylic, metal or plaster.

The delicate and futuristic acrylic objects by the Ukranian artist Aljoscha, inspired by the profound insights of bio- and genetic engineering as well as the microcosm of organic forms, impress through their floating airiness and lightness. The artist considers his works animate beings and so they appear as if they might move at any moment. „As an artist I am designer of species which do not necessarily have a function but their own kind of power.“ the artist explains.

The central theme for Bertozzi & Casoni, the Italian artist couple, is transience and the depiction of traditional subjects such as „Vanitas“ or „Memento Mori“. Their strikingly realistic works are made of ceramic and combine in a fascinating way traditional craftsmanship with themes that are up-to-date and critical of society. These works inspire through their perfect craftsmanship and imaginative design.

The sculptures by Fré Ilgen, who was born in the Netherlands but now works and lives in Berlin, reflect the artist's energy and vitality as well as his love for depicting dynamics and light. His works, partly accentuated with colourful elements and made of diverse materials, are never static. Wire, paper, wood, metal and plaster unite and merge to spheric and kinetic forms. His works possess somehow cerebral, almost musical and easygoing features.

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