A stunning collection of new and smaller works by acclaimed sculptor Peter Woytuk is being exhibited at Morrison Gallery until April 6th. The gallery is located in The Barns section of Kent, near the intersection of Route 7 with Route 341. The exhibit includes more than 20 new works by Woytuk, who is known internationally for his powerful and elegant sculptures of animals, tools, fruits and other everyday objects that are transformed into animated participants in his compositions.

“Just a few weeks ago while rearranging our workshop in Kent I started to assemble some small sculptures from cast bronze parts I had been storing,” says Woytuk. “It was impromptu and fun, kind of like 3D sketching as it allowed me to work out ideas I have had for large scale sculptures. After a few days I realized that there were possibly enough new pieces for a small show. I called Billy Morrison at The Morrison Gallery told him what I was doing, he was excited, and the current exhibit is the result.”

Woytuk is celebrated for using natural forms such as sticks, limbs and splittings from the backyard woodpile, along with man-made objects such as cast iron pieces, screw and similar components as sculptural building blocks for his pieces. Once cast into bronze, these new pieces are a dynamic mixture of objects, textures and color suggesting a variety of animals. He works with art foundries in Asia that have the capability to melt up to 10,000 pounds of bronze into a single pour. His larger works include pieces such as the Five Large Bulls, the Large Elephant Pair, the Large Can Construction and the Large Sheep Pair.