Chelsea space presents Interalia 2014, an exhibition of sculptures and drawings by artist Grenville Davey. This work, inspired by notions in T-duality and mirror symmetry in string theory where there are surprising pairings of objects, is borne out of collaboration and exchanges of ideas with Dr David Berman from Queen Mary University of London.

The viewer is challenged to see beyond difference and explore the relationships between pairs. While some objects are “self-dual”, others vary enormously and yet their relationship remains the same. Along the way, there are hints and nuanced details that move the work out of the abstract realm into the human one. Although inspired and founded on the T-duality notion in string theory this work is not constrained by it and in that sense it also reflects a response of an outsider to the exotic academic environment of contemporary theoretical physics.

British artist Grenville Davey won the Turner Prize in 1992 for his exhibition of that year at the Chisenhale Gallery. Davey has exhibited extensively across the UK and Europe. He is now the Programme Leader of MA Fine art, University of East London and a visiting Professor of the University of the Arts London. Most recently he has undertaken residencies at the Isaac Newton institute of Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge and the Centre for Research in String Theory, Queen Mary University of London.

All images installation views © Grenville Davey