Nothing is as important as your mind. Nothing! Someone once rightly said, "Our minds can make our heaven look like hell or make our hell look like heaven." Do you agree with this? I quite agree with this undeniable point of view. Here are a few reasons why the state of our mind matters a great deal.

Your mind can:

Place a limit on your potential

I am yet to see someone who has grown beyond the limit of his mind. It keeps him bound. So, someone could be pretty good at something but may never get a chance to showcase his skills or potential because the person has allowed the mind to make him see himself as no-good.

Whether you see yourself as a no-good or as all-good, you're right. But, why would you choose the former instead of the latter? This is not to encourage unchecked egos. It is not thinking you're better than everyone else — you are not; it is thinking you're not worse than everyone else. It is not about thinking you're irreplaceable but to stop living with the fear of being displaced.

Sometimes, these mental limits we place on ourselves could have been transferred by those who were in a position to give us good images of ourselves in childhood — maybe a teacher or a parent. Because some people in this group constantly criticized us and made us feel worthless, we started seeing ourselves through the same lens: worthless.

This is why you have more mental battles to fight if you grew up where negative comments were constantly flying around like flies. Phrases like, "crazy Danny," "stupid fellow," "mad Sammy," and a host of others have left their impact. We unconsciously accept these as our reality and take them to adulthood.

This is it: correct kids when you need to. But, always try to separate the behaviour from the innocent soul. Something like this would suffice: "That wasn't a commendable thing to say" instead of, "You never make any sense when you speak." The first statement criticizes the child's statement while the other criticizes the child in a despicable manner.

Such statements never leave some kids. They follow them to adulthood and affect their mindset.

Shut the door of your heart to opportunities

You are probably familiar with the statement, "Opportunities come once in a lifetime. " But, how true is that? It isn't even close to being a reasonable view. Opportunities come almost every day. We are responsible for the ones we use and how we choose to take advantage of them. Let's not forget that every day you see is an opportunity to do something new to advance your career, skill, or life in general.

Bring you down while you wish for elevation

Truly, the mind is not just powerful; it's your powerhouse!

Many have hoped for a more fulfilling life but their mindset hasn’t been accommodating to that idea. You know them by how they speak while being asked how much they wish to be paid during interviews; while setting up a new business plan; or while planning for marriage. They're always quick to envisage things would go wrong. And when they finally do go wrong, they're quick to say, "I said it!" Well, they didn't only say it, their mindset "made it." Many times, what we say is a reflection of what we think will happen.

How powerful do you think your mind is on a scale of 1 - 10? I place our mindset on 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. Yes, 11! I know 11 is above the maximum on that scale, but perhaps this would communicate the significance of the mind in life. You can't downplay its value. And, you can't overestimate its importance.

That's why one thing you must not joke about is your mental health. Its state affects almost every other aspect of your life if not everything. I hope this article will have a positive effect on your mind.