'Vantage' assembles various artists' interpretations of the outdoors, each offering unique insights into how the landscape affects our perception and understanding of the world. From abstract, surreal, and realistic viewpoints, this group exhibition highlights the multifaceted ways in which artists approach painting outdoor scenery. This collection goes beyond mere depiction, exploring the diverse emotions, techniques, and themes that outdoor landscapes can inspire. It's a celebration of the incredible range and creativity that exists within the genre, offering viewers an opportunity to inspire new ways of seeing outdoors.

Landscape painting holds a revered place in art history, tracing back to ancient traditions and evolving through the centuries to become a genre that transcends mere representation. By juxtaposing the natural and human-made environments, the exhibition not only highlights the aesthetic beauty of the outdoor scenes but also provokes reflection on how these vistas have influenced human thought and culture throughout history. Visitors are invited to engage with these works and contemplate their own experiences and relationships with the spaces they inhabit. In doing so, 'Vantage' encourages a broader appreciation of how landscape paintings continue to shape our connection to the world and inspire new ways of seeing.

Featured artists are: Olive Diamond, Anthony Padilla, Kristin Moore, Dylan Hurwitz, Michael Draghi, Tom Colcord, Christopher Tandy, Angel Cotray, Jen Hitchings, Jonathan Ryan, Adam Sorensen, Matt McCormick, Andrew Durgin-Barnes, Sarah Thibault and Patric O’Neill.