Even if all you do is fry eggs, do it with style! Without good cooks, some of us would starve because they can't even boil water for themselves. They can't do this even if their life depends on it. If a cook is important, then, your job is too.

You must make it a priority to do your job skillfully. The world would always open doors for the skilful.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said

The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going.

Quite true, but even truer is the knowledge that the world would always make way for the man who knows what talents or skills he possesses during that journey and displays that skill for the world to see. How can the world make way for you when you haven't got anything to show to humanity or when you don't even know what you have got?

If you find many doors closed against you, you probably need to ask yourself these questions:

Am I skilled at what I do?

Many people are trying so hard to succeed at what they're not any good at.

I think where this is more evident is in reality talent TV shows where you would find singers who are not better than a two-year-old. They don't even sound anything close to being a musician. You must have seen a few people from this group. You probably live with one of them — your siblings, friends, or even your wife. Or, maybe you fall into this category yourself.

This article isn't to offend you, but I think you understand my angle: skills are important and you can't "fake it to make it" every time!

Am I showcasing my skills?

It's one thing to confirm you possess certain skills, it's another to exhibit them.

You have to put the lamp on the lampstand, it can't be anywhere else. Putting it under your bed can only be disastrous. The same goes for talents. When you show your skills, people tend to know you for it even if they don't need your services. And that is the point: they don't have to need your services. However, by showing them, they could refer someone who needs them.

So, how would they refer potential clients to you if they don't know you have the required skills?

Am I showcasing my expertise to the right people?

Some folks are awesome at what they do. But, the problem is that only their household is aware.

You can imagine: their skills had never taken a stroll out of the corridor of their apartment. "Pathetic!" you say. But, it's much worse. It's death!

Not the natural death but that of the talent sometimes. No talent was meant to stay hidden. Every talent is meant to find a means or channel of expression. It's not enough that your buddies know that you're good at what you do.

Show it to a wider audience through the following avenues

Social Media: This shouldn't be a place for your most-loved selfies alone, it should be for your most-loved skills, too. We have got selfies everywhere on the internet already — show some skills even if you don't want to attend America's Got Talent!

Personal contact: The people you meet daily need to know what you have got. Everyone you meet knows someone you should meet. To get to meet the other "high-profile" professionals, you must display your skills to the low-profile ones first. So the idea is to treat personal contact as a "wider audience."

What one dude has to say about you could go a long way in shaping the way a board of directors thinks about your prowess.

Work environment: Work at work! Don't play around. Show your work, then let your work show your worth. Many people joke and play around at work. You shouldn't be like them. Your place of work is one of the best places to exhibit your gifts and talents.

I hope this piece of writing touched a "piece" of your heart. Even more, I hope it awakens a long-abandoned talent.