Galerie Kremers is very pleased to invite you to the second solo exhibition of the renowned artist Adébayo Bolaji on occasion of the reopening of the newly remodeled gallery in the Gothic Hall.

In this exhibition Bolaji, who lives in London and has Nigerian roots, takes the protest action of young Nigerians against police arbitrariness as a starting point to reflect on the power of the voice.

It was the events in Nigeria, that took me down a role of 'the voice' in society, and then to the voice of the individual. So, What is it that libérâtes us, that makes us feel like ourselves which in turn makes us feel free to speak, to express, to make art … also what is it that hinders us, psychologically, politically and socially? -but for me, it always comes back to the individual.

(Adébayo Bolaji)

Bolaji uses this event as one of the multiple traces in the true search for his own as an intellectual Englishman with Nigerian roots. The exhibition will take place in both gallery spaces, the artist will be present at the opening. During the exhibition there will be an artist talk.