This is not a retrospective! In 2023 the Rixdorfer will celebrate their 60th anniversary.

These masters of printmaking, who began their cooperation in Kreuzberg's Oranienstraße in 1963 and whose history - always the workshop in the center – after a few decades in the Wendland continues in Berlin, Potsdamer Strasse where they moved last year., have worked together with a wide variety of literary types. Thus, the large woodcuts Rühmkorf, Tannhäuser and Störtebeker were created in congenial collaboration with Reinhard Lettau, Udo Lindenberg and Peter Rühmkopf, which reclaim in their poems and lyrics in each case a relationship with the legendary and historical figures.

Despite various retrospectives the Rixdorfer still exist. Their longevity certainly has various reasons, in addition to their unbreakable male friendship, it is perhaps first and foremost the fact that they did not feel obliged to adapt to the current political fashion. Thus they are durable and timeless as the types, who they have given shape in large-format woodcuts, which we are happy to show together with other graphic works of the Rixdorfer.