Mash Gallery is delighted to announce the unveiling of “Undulation Theory,” an extraordinary exhibition that showcases the exceptional talent and boundless creativity of a group of visionary artists. The dynamic interplay of colors and brushstrokes and it’s mastery is the focus of our newest exhibition “Undulation Theory”. Their visual language speaks of fluidity and motion, unveiling a collection where some works seem to flow effortlessly, while others boast intricate textures that entice touch and provoke curiosity.

Central to their artistic prowess is a profound understanding of color theory, coupled with an intimate knowledge of the unique properties of opaque and transparent paints. The artists skillful use of color, ranging from vibrant and bold to subtle and subdued, invites the viewer to explore the mesmerizing patterns that evoke movement and energy.

The noteworthy utilization of a variety of expressive techniques create a sense of fluidity and movement in some work, and showcase shorter and more textured in others.

With a deep understanding of color theory and the different properties of opaque and transparent paints, the artists create a range of work that brings depth and dimension to each piece and beckons viewers to explore mesmerizing patterns with a perpetual movement and invigorating vitality.

With years of practice and experimentation, each artist has created a unique voice in expressing their stunning and emotionally evocative vision.

The Undulation Theory is a must see exhibition for art enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty and complexity of brushwork.

An intuitive artist originally from Southern California, Christy Hopkins' artistic process is a testament to her unwavering commitment to self-expression, as she fearlessly explores the depths of her imagination, infusing her paintings with a profound sense of joy. With honed expertise acquired through years of dedicated practice, she orchestrates a truly unique approach, harmonizing her brushstrokes and colors with the rhythms of music and the graceful movements of dance. As her vibrant compositions unfold on the canvas, a dynamic explosion of energy and movement comes to life. Each stroke of her broad brush captures the essence of the moment, while the interplay of vibrant colors adds a mesmerizing vibrancy to the artwork. It is through this expressive gestural technique that Hopkin encapsulates the sheer joy and exhilaration she experiences during the creation process.

With meticulous attention, layers of paint are carefully built up over time, resulting in a rich tapestry of textures and overlapping patterns. These intricate details contribute to the depth and complexity of her work, offering viewers a captivating exploration of form and substance. The layer-making process emerges as an indispensable element, for it breathes new life into each piece, guiding its evolution and propelling it in unforeseen directions. Through her unwavering commitment to self-expression, honed expertise, vivid imagination, and sheer joy, Christy Hopkins' art transcends traditional boundaries, inviting viewers to embark on a transformative journey that celebrates the boundless possibilities of artistic creation.

John Monn is an interdisciplinary artist who utilizes a range of materials to create whimsical, textural sculptures and paintings. His artwork incorporates candy-like colors with poured-on chrome, resulting in unusual textures that emerge tactile and visual elements together. Monn’s unconventional approach allows viewers to touch the painting with their eyes and see the painting with their touch, creating an immersive and multisensory experience. In his practice, Monn explores the interplay of color, texture, spatial disorientation, and harmony, combining them in a way that diverges into a point of creative pinnacle. Monn’s current focus involves a repetitious process of gestural models sketched in 3D, which serve as a foundation for crafting fluid forms that inspire introspection. Playing with scale both digitally and with physical objects, Monn presents his artworks in ways that alter perception and spark curiosity in materials and environment. Since graduating with a BFA from James Madison University in 2004, he has exhibited his work across the world in major cities such as New York, Paris, and Los Angeles.

For over three decades, Haleh Mashian’s art has beautifully portrayed her unique and insightful perspective on the world, seamlessly blending reality and imagination. As a creative expressionist, Mashian’s work embodies her enchantment with the interplay of color, composition, and the dynamic relationship between positive and negative space. Through her mastery of mixed media techniques, ranging from collage to impasto, she constantly pushes the boundaries of materiality, conjuring a textural fantasy where the lines between the real and its interpretation converge.

Mashian’s art expertly utilizes negative and positive space, crafting captivating, three-dimensional paintings that act as portals to a world brimming with life, vitality, and energy. They compel engagement and evoke profound emotional responses, transporting viewers to an untamed realm where the boundaries of possibility are endlessly expanded.

Within Mashian’s artistic journey lie diverse series, each infused with a personal narrative. Whether inspired by spiritual encounters, introspective introspections, or the sheer splendor of the world that surrounds her, her creations are driven by an unwavering passion for color, texture, and scale. The dynamic nature of her pieces, available in various sizes, ensures a harmonious fit within residential, retail, and hospitality settings, offering art enthusiasts a wide array of avenues to appreciate and engage with her captivating work.

Jennifer Haley is an artist whose work delves deep into the intertwining realms of her inner and outer existence, exploring the complex interplay between internal and external identities. Her artistic journey is a meditation on the ever-shifting essences of creation, where each stroke of the brush reveals the temporal energies present in every artistic moment. Rather than a passive medium, Jennifer views her materials as active participants in the creative dialogue. With a profound understanding of resin, dyes, inks, and pigments, she skillfully channels her inner experiences, transforming them into tangible manifestations on the canvas. Embracing a dance of listening and learning, Jennifer’s artistic intention harmonizes with the unique characteristics of each medium, resulting in sophisticated and captivating works that synthesize her emotions with the physical representation.

Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Jennifer’s artistic journey began at a young age, immersing herself in the interdisciplinary art form of theater. Her passion for creativity and the arts led her to pursue a Master of Fine Arts degree in Technical Theater, honing a diverse set of artistic skills. Traveling across the United States, she painted scenery, murals, and decorative wall finishes, finding fulfillment in her career. However, a restless spirit stirred within her, driving her to seek a more personal outlet for her boundless creativity. Liberated from boundaries, Jennifer discovered a medium that resonated most authentically with her true self—a process of expression fueled by pure passion and complete emotional and physical engagement. Drawing inspiration from music, abstract expressionism, travel, and solitude, she embarked on a transformative artistic journey, where her inner and outer worlds merged, giving life to profound and mesmerizing works of art.

Dual Streets - Dual stands for the conflict between “street art” and “fine” art, between freeway burners and gallery exhibitions, between mass recognition and total anonymity. His bold lines and fresh colors are a break from the every day monotony of life in the city—a taste of urban subculture, whether you asked for it or not.

While one may not have a choice in where and when they encounter a Dual piece, Dual leaves it up to the observer to assign a meaning to his work. By operating under a pseudonym, he lets his audience write their own narrative for who he is and the message he is trying to get across.

Perhaps best known for his work with wheat paste, particularly since his feature in the 2011 wheat pasting documentary Stick ‘Em Up!, Dual has never been one to confine himself to a particular medium, background, or context.

He has been recognized not only for his work with silkscreen and spray paint, but also for his work with lithography and acrylics. Though his obsession with “making marks” stems from his background in graffiti, he has translated that into a passion for creating art. His “art” includes everything from large-scale murals, to paintings on canvas, to meticulously made tape collages, to the forgotten art of sign painting. Dual’s work has evolved from gestural character studies, to more hard edge abstraction with an added exploration of color – creating quite the dichotomy between the “street” artist and the “fine” artist.

In addition to being a constant presence on the street and a fixture in the Houston art scene since 2005, Dual has also pursued a formal arts education and his work has seen more than its fair share of gallery walls. Dual has been featured in a number of exhibitions by some of the top names in the Houston art scene including M Squared Gallery, Pablo Cardoza Fine Art, Colton & Farb Gallery and Station Museum of Contemporary Art. He has had the opportunity to collaborate with a number of brands, labels and charities including the Lebron James Family Foundation, Pabst Brewing Company, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Houston Outlaws, Dickies Workwear, Schmutz Watches, Street Serpents Apparel, and even Sprite. He has also been featured in a number of periodicals including 002 Magazine, Papercity, Houston Modern Luxury, Houston Press, Free Press Houston, Houston Lifestyle & Homes, Houston Chronicle and Case Magazine and published in books such as Stay Up and Stuck-Up Piece of Crap: From Punk Rock to Contemporary Art.

Johannes Wessmark is a Swedish artist specializing in hyperrealist art. He was born in 1962 in Carlsbad and worked for 15 years as an advertising illustrator before becoming a full-time award-winning artist. His work is intended to evoke a feeling of relaxation, enjoyment, and pleasure in our busy and fast-paced world.

As a hyperrealist artist, I also enjoy making my works as realistic as possible. A passion I have had for many years back. I study my reference photos carefully, print them in full-size of painting, and work hard to get colors and details as real as possible. By combining different techniques in the same work I take advantage of the best features from different tools. Over many years I have refined and polished my working methods. Everything to get my work very lifelike even if I allow myself to add or remove from my reference photo to get that special feeling I am looking for.

(Johannes Wessmark)