TEW Galleries features a yearly summer show, Salon Style.

In the the 18th and 19th centuries, gallery walls were hung floor to ceiling with artworks by different artists. Our Salon Style embraces a similar approch, showcasing artworks by the artists we present. By grouping the art according to color palette but embracing different styles and subject matter, we create an exciting new cohesive aesthetic. TEW Galleries invite you to come, look and be inspired.

The 5th annual TEW Galleries Salon Show has proven to be a hit with clients who enjoy the opportunity to see a grouping of new works hung in the French salon style along with gallery inventory which has not had the opportunity to hang because scheduled solo shows utilize much of the available wall space.

This combined show of drawings, paintings, photography and sculpture, and often works of smaller, and medium scale, has a vigor and inventiveness different from shows which present a single artist’s viewpoint. The exhibition is curated to include some of the most accomplished works in various mediums and styles. TEW’s stable of approximately 35 artists will almost all be represented in some way and viewers will have the opportunity to see a more intimate side of an artist’s portfolio – the drawings and studies that provide the heart and thinking behind an artist’s more major works in slow mediums such as oil.

Artists from England, Germany, Canada and France are amongst the exhibitors, along with American artists. The opening will prove a good opportunity to meet more local artists.