Good Mother Gallery Los Angeles is pleased to present 'Hard Drive', a group exhibition curated by Paul Flores.

The exhibition explores the intersection of personal memory and creative inspiration in the design world. Bringing together a group of artists who work in all forms of design from graphic, architecture to signs and paintings. Utilizing each artists personal ‘hard drive’ from the core roots of their own style to create an exhibition that showcases everyone’s individual inspirations and aspirations through design.

Featured artists: Mikol Brinkman, Henry Fey, Rich Luna, Carley Gmitro, Andrew Theodore, Grant Gutierrez, Noah - Custom LA, Jacob Rochester, Georgina Trevino, Ruben Preciado, Jaime Munoz, Anthony Brvinfreeze, Brendan Lynch, Mia Scarpa, Eric Elms, Nikkolas Mohammed, Eddie Salinas, Aaron Jupin, Ozzie Juarez, Mario Ayala, Terror Supply, Robert Rodriguez, Ohad Sarfaty.

Paul Flores (b. 1989, Los Angeles; lives and works in Los Angeles) is an artist and designer. His work is inspired by historical logos, past ephemera, visual communications, and advertisements. The inspiration for his work draws on iconic imagery ranging from aged wall signs, vinyl/acrylic textures, worn light boxes and murals. The works are often acute social commentaries on issues addressing family, migration, labor, and the displacement of working-class communities. His focus attempts to capture trends and relevant artifacts from past commercial and artistic traditions and render them into experiential works today.