Time has flown by too quickly. Perhaps we desire to live too fully. We are not that resilient, nor do we possess boundless willpower. And we cannot hold onto anything indefinitely. As we gaze at the sun sinking on the horizon, we become aware of the brevity of everything and its immense transience. It is an enduring yearning that does not fade, leaving fragments of ourselves scattered across time and space.

Only memories occasionally halt time's relentless march, retrieving fragments that were left behind. We do not relive them; we never truly salvage them. For a fleeting moment, we experience their presence once more. Just like every year and every summer near the ocean, as we inhale deeply, they return to us, bringing back some fleeting instances or simply teaching us to be grateful. It is a fresh start yet again.

There are moments when we even wish they would depart, for they weigh heavily on us. We strive to infuse them with lightness and embrace them with greater peace and serenity. Often, we reminisce about where we stood a few years ago, what we experienced, and the choices we made, whether to halt or persist. We recall the lessons of embracing failure and the resilience to begin anew.

Frequently, we ponder if many more such moments lie ahead. Will they bring novelty or simply replicate restlessness and weariness? We may not possess boundless strength, yet perhaps we still possess a modicum of will. With time, we have learned and grown, perhaps even maturing to some extent. We have embraced the freedom to discover new paths while remaining resolute enough to traverse familiar ones.

We continuously ask ourselves what remains and what we can hold onto and carry forward. In those moments when the sun nearly touches the sea, a profound light lingers, encompassing a multitude of times and paths, adorned with vibrant hues. The gazes are manifold, as are the subtle certainties of the landscapes yet to unfold. We hold a profound belief that there is much more to create and new territories to traverse. And there is so much to learn about pausing.

Finally, we grasp the significance of each genuine pause, of gazing into the unknown and embracing it with less fear. We may not possess boundless strength, yet we have become less afraid. We've gathered seashells from the sand, constructing tiny castles along the shore.

We ascended to the mountaintop and vividly recalled the panoramic view. We gazed upon each landscape, overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. Now, we have more of these moments, and we cherish everything even more. We finally understand that even if the uncertain and unexpected arise, we have been granted another chance and, perhaps, the readiness to embrace it.

We continue to look at the light so strongly, and we realize that there are places that are just for passing through, either because they still hurt or just because we shouldn't stay too long. We now have places to stay where it is worth stopping and staying awake.

In each of these places, we exchanged words, dreams, and even small desires. And we pondered, at long last, that our existence is defined by the vastness of these paths, the landscapes, and the moments that feel eternal. Perhaps they passed by too swiftly, and we often yearn to revisit them, to search for and rediscover their essence.

Until we later understand that life and experiences endure for as long as necessary and that we hold onto what truly matters, even in anticipation of what is yet to be revealed, We may not possess great strength, and our dreams may be vast, but we have scaled mountains and embraced landscapes.