Selenas Mountain opened with excitement their last exhibition at the Ridgewood, NY location. This is not a pipe, this is the final show was on view for one weekend before the gallery relocates to the Chelsea neighborhood in New York to 526 W. 26th Street for this Fall.

On view were works from the gallery owners private collection acquired from five years collaborating together and the two years prior of curating solo in their separate Bushwick apartment galleries (Selena and Mountain). This presentation includes many artists who have exhibited or realized projects with Selenas Mountain over the years.

The exhibition title, This is not a pipe, this is the final show, is a reference to Magritte’s seminal surrealist work, as well as an an homage to the pipe that has been a signature white cube disrupting object that distinguished Selenas Mountain physical space in Ridgewood.

Featured artists: Dabin Ahn, Morgan Blair, Andy Cahill, Ryan Travis Christian, Cecile Chong l Liam Cotti "Crispy Tostones", Nicholas Cueva, Vincent Dermody, William Downs, Ben Foch, Jacob Haupt, Amanda Ross Ho, Matt Merkel Hess, Serban Ionescu, Daniel Jensen, Hein Koh, Christina Yuna Ko, Carlos Jaramillo, Yvette Mayorga, Larissa De Jesús Negrón, Libbi Ponce, Anjuli Rathod, Ismaël Rifaï, Josh Reames, Dana Robinson, Tamara Santibañez, Olivia Swider, Seneca Weintraut, Jamie Gray Williams, Geordie Wood.