Everyone wants to remain healthy. Or, if not healthy, then regaining lost health is even more critical. The question is: how?

In the US, at least, medical professionals will often shrug their shoulders. The common first line of defense is pharmaceuticals, and if pharmaceuticals don’t work, then an appointment with a specialist follows. Sometimes that helps; often not. Yet, we are increasingly plagued with ill health, and all indicators lead to the conclusion that it’s getting worse, not better.

An alternative route toward health lies in the “fourth-phase” paradigm. That paradigm addresses a central issue in health/function that has received only limited attention: hydration. Water fills the cell. However, it’s not liquid water that’s responsible but the gel-like water that we refer to as “fourth phase” or “exclusion zone” (EZ) water. I’ve addressed this feature in earlier contributions to this series. To get a fuller picture, I commend you two books: Cells, Gels, and the Engines of Life, and The Fourth Phase of Water. Those books present the essence of the underlying evidence for this new paradigm.

The cell needs a full complement of EZ water, but not simply to quench its thirst. The very function of the cell rests on the ample presence of EZ water. In the first (Cells/Gels) book, I present evidence that cell action arises from a phase transition: conversion of structured (now “EZ”) water to liquid water. That transition (along with the concomitant protein transition) carries out the cell’s work. A relaxed muscle, for example, contains EZ water and extended proteins. To mediate the contraction, the EZ water converts to liquid water, and the extended proteins undergo folding. Later, the proteins and water return to their initial states to restore relaxation.

I recognize that this viewpoint differs from what’s in textbooks. My position is supported by the evidence presented in my two books and multiple peer-reviewed journal publications.

Getting to the main point, I would assert that in order to function properly, i.e., to undergo the phase transition, the cell requires a full complement of EZ water. Modest diminution may result in minor dysfunction, while serious diminution can cause pathology. For optimum health/function, therefore, the goal is to maintain an adequate complement of EZ water, i.e., to ensure that the cell is fully hydrated. To achieve that hydration, I list a half dozen simple expedients that can help.

  1. Drink lots of water. Water is the raw material required for EZ buildup. Drinking more water means you have increased capacity for building EZ and, therefore, staying healthy.

  2. Juicing. Squeezing the juice from the leaves of freshly grown backyard plants yields a liquid extract. That extract is mainly the water from inside the plant’s cells, i.e., intracellular water. From robust, freshly grown specimens, the intracellular water should be mainly EZ. Infusing EZ directly into your body means that the conversion of liquid water into EZ is unnecessary. A step is bypassed. EZ is directly infused, and as multiple health practitioners claim, the procedure is highly effective at restoring or maintaining health.

  3. Sunlight. A buildup of EZ requires infrared (IR) energy. IR comes in ample amounts from the sun. Roughly 50% of incident sunlight lies in the infrared range. Hence, bathing yourself in reasonable amounts of bright sunshine should build EZ water and thereby hydrate your cells.

  4. Sauna. The essence of the sauna (“banya” in Russia) is heat. Exposing yourself to heat means you are exposing yourself to a barrage of IR energy, which should build EZ in every cell of your body. By filling cells with EZ water, the sauna can restore proper function. Hence, you feel better after you emerge.

  5. Healing substances. Various substances, known from as far back as Ayurvedic times, can promote health. In published studies, we found that all such substances tested, including turmeric, basil, coconut water, ghee, among others, build EZ water. By consuming these substances on a regular basis, you help ensure that your cells are well-hydrated and functioning up to par.

  6. Grounding/Earthing. Connecting yourself electrically to the earth is well recognized to promote health. Various underlying mechanisms have been suggested, but a simple one may prevail. Because the earth is negatively charged, connecting yourself electrically to that vast sea of negativity means that you have the capacity to draw the earth’s electrons. Any insufficiently negative area of your body, i.e., an area with insufficient EZ water, may benefit from those electrons. Evidence: Electrons infused into liquid water, we found experimentally, convert that water to EZ. So, earthing yourself should do the same in your body: build EZ water and thereby promote health.

  7. HBOT: a bonus. The initial plan was to list half a dozen expedients. I cannot avoid mentioning a seventh: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or simply HBOT. HBOT falls into a special category because it requires a major piece of equipment: a full-body chamber. Immersing yourself in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber exposes you to high pressure and high oxygen. Our laboratory studies have shown that imposing high pressure builds EZ; and imposing high oxygen also builds EZ. Therefore, the combination should powerfully build EZ. That buildup may be the reason why HBOT is so effective in reversing pathologies.

I’ve suggested a number of expedients recognized to promote health. For each expedient, I’m suggesting that the mechanism may involve the simple buildup of EZ water. In order to function, the cell has an absolute need for that water. Any deficiency (dehydration) may lead to loss of function. For that reason, the buildup of EZ water, by any of the means listed (and assuredly others), ought to promote health.