Panopticon Gallery is pleased to present By Your Window, an exhibition featuring the compelling photographic works of Alexa Cushing and Connor Noll. This exhibition will be on view at Panopticon Gallery, located inside Hotel Commonwealth from May 8th to July 31st.

By Your Window offers visitors an immersive experience into the realms of mystery, narrative, and the human connection to the supernatural.

In her series "Devil's Swamp," Alexa Cushing delves into the enigmatic folklore surrounding the Bridgewater Triangle, a region in southeastern Massachusetts with a rich history of paranormal encounters and unexplained phenomena. Cushing's thought-provoking photographs explore the residents' desire to find meaning in the supernatural, blurring the line between reality and mythology.

Connor Noll, on the other hand, invites viewers to embark on a nostalgic journey with his photographs. His works, including "Please Drop Me Off Here, I Think I'm Going To Walk Home" and "It Doesn't Look Anything Like the Picture," evoke a sense of mystery and capture moments frozen in time. Noll's practice encompasses stand-alone images and long-term projects, allowing him to create narratives that resonate with viewers.

"By Your Window" offers a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to engage with the captivating imagery crafted by Cushing and Noll.

Alexa Cushing is a photographic artist based in southern Massachusetts. She uses her photographs to explore the mythology of place, creating images that extract a sense of magic from the everyday landscape. Alexa’s work has been a part of several group exhibitions at galleries and institutions such as The Griffin Museum of Photography, Panopticon Gallery, Candela Gallery, and the Oregon Contemporary.

Her first solo exhibition was held at Aviary Gallery in the spring of 2019 and featured her project Due West, which examined mythology of Los Angeles as a dream factory. Alexa’s work has been featured within various independent publications such as Rental Magazine, Incandescent Zine, and Polaris Magazine and online publications such as Lenscratch, Humble Arts, and C-41 Magazine. She holds a BFA in Photography from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

Connor Noll is a photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Noll’s work often explores themes of nostalgia, mystery and narrative; his practice consists of both stand alone images as well as long term projects. In 2021 he received his BFA in photography from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Noll’s work has recently been included in group exhibitions at various galleries including The Griffin Museum of Photography, Gallery 263, and the Photographic Resource Center He’s also currently showing work at Panopticon Gallery in a dual show with artist Alexa Cushing. (On view May 9th-July 31st, 2023) He was also a finalist for The Independent Photographer Emerging Talent Award in 2020.