Ethan Cohen Gallery at the KuBe Art Center is pleased to announce Shadowland, a solo exhibition for multi-media artist Margaret Innerhofer.

Margaret Innerhofer presents three new series of works in Shadowland titled Sandmen, Heavy Metal, and Deconstr-Activist. Her photo-based prints and framed canvases explore the transitional spaces between spiritual and psychological borderlands. Each of the large-scale meditative compositions printed in color have a jarring and surreal black and white reflection that invites the viewer into an alternate psychological and temporal dimension.

In her series of dreamy beachscapes titled, Sandmen, fleeting colorful vistas of eternal summer heat radiate against a black and white mirror reflection of the image. The beachgoers in each frame linger on the horizon, unaware of their inverted body double just below the surface. In her Heavy Metal series, abandoned and outdated vehicles are photographed in locations subsumed by time and the natural surroundings, alluding to the collision of past and future, and our own embodied experience of being conscious within a vehicle that is increasingly outdated and perpetually trapped in the present. in her Deconstr-Activist series Innerhofer looks through architectural deconstructionist theory as a lens to reexamine the physical structures we design for our fragmented psyches.

One important aspect of the works in Shadowland, is that the artworks are designed to be inverted. The works can be hung in either vertical orientation. According to Innerhofer, ‘The works are absolutely interactive, and made so the viewer can turn them over depending on how they feel. Sometimes you want to see the color side up, but at other times you need to see the shadow side up to understand things better.’ Exploring the twilight territory between consciousness and the subconscious, reality and fantasy, sleeping and waking, space and time, Innerhofer’s Shadowland is a haunting constellation of interactive photography and sound that awakens each of our shadow selves.