Sandler Hudson Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition, Seven Dreams of the Lotus Sutra by Alan Caomin Xie.

Xie, originally from Shanghai China, is an Atlanta-based artist who has been living and working in the United States since 1999. Seven Dreams of the Lotus Sutra is inspired by the seven parables of the Lotus Sutra; The Parable of the Burning house, The Parable of the Lost Son, The Parable of Medicinal Herbs, The Parable of the Phantom City, The Parable of the Jewel in the Robe, The Parable of the Pearl in the Topknot, and The Parable of the Medicine King.

In this exhibition, Xie explores Buddhist philosophy through personal interpretation and iconography including: the landscape, constellations, and references to ancient Chinese manuscripts. Xie poignantly conveys the emotional disconnection, loneliness, and spiritual awakening rooted in Buddhist philosophy experienced by contemporary individuals. His unique perspective bridges the cultural divide and offers a compelling narrative on the human condition, transcending traditional boundaries.

Xie states, “ These paintings are the offspring of depression and dreams. They were born between 2020 and 2022, a time when I had ample reason to indulge in depression and daydreaming. For me, painting is akin to sleepwalking.” Executed in graphite and silver leaf on paper; Xie responds to the forgiving, erasable quality of the graphite (in Chinese the term graphite translates to “stone-like ink”) and the elusive quality of silver leaf.

Alan Caomin Xie has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally. His exhibitions include The Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition, 2006, at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC; Altered Traditions, 2007, at Ethan Cohen Fine Arts in New York; Electronic Media Painting, 2008, at Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai, China; solo exhibition Samsara, 2011, at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia; Map of Infinitude, 2015, Solo Exhibition at Savannah College of Art & Design Art Museum, Savannah, Georgia; Group exhibition Abstract China, 2016, Shanghai Ming Yuan Art Museum, Shanghai, China; Of Origins and Belonging, the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia.

Xie also won the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Working Artist Project Award 2010-2011. His paintings have been collected by the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, Georgia; Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, Georgia; Telfair Museum, Savannah, Georgia; The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia; H.O.W. Art Museum, Shanghai, China Xie holds an MFA in painting from Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, Georgia (2001) and a BFA in sculpture from China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, P. R. China (1998). Currently Professor of Art, Clayton State University, Morrow, GA.