I watched my body run on its legs
Sore with the floor torn.
Broken. In fault lines with

Thunders blasting through.
Electricity leaving the city
Sliding like a snake over

A sad soil wet with the tears
Of full skies drowning in
Clouds dark marking the

Madness mixed with starlight.
Marking the blindness within
All that spark gone gone gone.

Making room for blackholes
Supermassive dark and deep
As despair. I dug holes to

Help get help help help (!)
This disaster is a vile
Birth of destructions.

Dressed my not-yet-befallen
Demise up just to sleep
Within the arms a

Bitter night with my grudges
Tucked in bed tight.

I’m armed. With my
Stuffed toys lifeless bundles
Of joy all clueless as a Barbie doll.

I watched my eyes produce all
Of the rain it could take in
All the poison a thousand

Humans could ache in. I watched
My eyeballs shiver in dreaming
Of electric moments to die in.

Just with the help of a mind
Wide shut shut.

Keeping worries close to
Heart pumping with thumping
Bleeding rhythms close to

A departing feeling packed
In a vicious bite. Throwing
Soundbites of thuds,

The closest melody to
Disappointment, giving in to
The gods of gravity

Pulling me in his blind
Eye of a storm like a
A sunken ship into a heart

Heavy as a blackhole.
Into an infinite abyss
Swallowed by the kind

Oceans taking in all the
Plastic poison thrown
Into her depths,

Like a woman in love
Surrendering to toxicity and soft
Killings on a daily basis. Wrapped

Around his fingers like an
Addiction metamorphosed into love.
My body leaped, creeped

On hunting for clues in the rich
Forest of doubt within
A silent crowd of pines put

All the doubt she could
Pack into the void of your lies,
Her fault lines had to shake things

Up. She watched her body
Carry another into
The dark abyss to leave

Itself to be lost within the forever
Of time and space;
High and brave; climb just to break

Records or to break in half.
“My body carried another body into the woods,
Forgot itself, found itself, lost itself”

Or, I might have watched it from far away
Levitate to meet the rock bottom again
In free fall after the bungee jump cord snaps,

While carrying an old young self tucking it
Away like items miscellaneous in a shoe box
In some lost dark drawer with grayness—

As I carried and carried some clay to cook.
My play-dough, my flesh I tried to reshape
Through some pain for gain called exercise.

A catalyzer for some implosion I’ve burned bright.
Made fire just to flinch; its hurricane
Adamant in making itself known as a force

Of life, as the corpse of
Night buried
Within a flashing screen

On an endless scroll.
What an abyss of a trap hell—
When you could give in to the

Songs sung in unison by the
Four mouths of the wind, just to
Empty the ears to make

Room for the free-falls kissing
The cliffs married to the infinite

Within you; to lose you to find you.
Carrying clouds of darkness
Behind its back

This body of Atlas
Clouds with edges sharp as
Knives and thorns—

Forgot itself to find itself to lose itself
I wish it could forget about this borrowed
Body a home for some a prison for others

I watched and watched from afar in disbelief
The tears that poured from a cloud with edges;
Heavy is the heart with daggers buried within.

Poem inspired by Burial Song by David Wagoner