Rolando Anselmi is pleased to announce Personal Showcase, a group exhibition that includes the most significant collaboration of the last ten years.

Therefore, works by Gianni Caravaggio (b. 1968, IT), Jodie Carey (b. 1981, UK), Gianni Di Rosa (b. 1984, ITA), Li Gang (b. 1986, CHN), Valerie Krause (b. 1976, DE), Asger Dybvad Larsen (b. 1990, DK), Moris (Israel Meza Moreno) (b. 1978, MEX), Gianni Pellegrini (b. 1953, IT), Arcangelo Sassolino (b. 1967, IT), Vincenzo Schillaci (b. 1984, IT), Santiago Taccetti (b. 1974, ARG), Ignacio Uriarte (b. 1972, DE), Luca Vitone (b. 1964, IT) and Johannes Wald (b. 1980, DE).

Aiming to expose the production of the thirteen artists and retrace the path they have shared collaborating along the years, during the two months of exhibition the set-up will be subject to changes in the selection of works on display. The exhibition opens with a canvas by Li Gang from the Inside of the painting - Texture Series, whose hemp rope construction allows the traditional perception of painting to be expanded.

The canvas is confronted with the mirroring bronze Stade du miroir by Johannes Wald, a tool for the artist to reflect on his action through his own mirror image.

The confluences of historical, collective and personal memory in Gianni Di Rosa's Dietro Orbite are flanked by ephemeral movements perceptible in the clash of black and white in Valerie Krause's work.

Proceeding through the exhibition, the fragility and brevity of life imprinted in Jodie Carey's photographs and the multi-materiality of Asger Dybvad Larsen's works - whose continuous production, destruction and recomposition act as a symbol of the artistic process in the studio - dialogue with Gianni Caravaggio's Gli Amanti, a work in pink onyx on which the less canonical azuki beans attract each other without ever meeting.

Heading lower floor, the viewer faces the veils of colour and the varying intensity of the light field of Gianni Pellegrini's Emersi series. In IUBP Arcangelo Sassolino tests the resistance of the materials in a crescendo of experimentation and research; on the back wall Vincenzo Schillaci spreads numerous layers of material on the boards of the Phantasma series, to re-propose the plurality of time and the hypothetical extensions of space.

In the last room, Ignacio Uriarte translates his previous career in business administration onto paper, weaving layers of parallel and orthogonal straight lines that resemble the way a printer or weaving machine works, while Santiago Taccetti lets thick layers of deformed acrylic outline their silhouettes on the canvas Untitled 3 (Oct 15) Einsatzbereich Innen - Außen.

By cutting, dissecting and assembling abandoned canvases, in the series Cielo roto Moris (Israel Meza Moreno) alludes to the social and cultural complexity of his home country, Mexico City.

The exhibition closes with Penegasse by Luca Vitone, an atmospheric 'self-portrait' of the Ligurian village and an analysis of atmospheric agents as the identity and roots of the place itself.