Our substanceless blue sky

Gives gorgeous dreams to rest heads.

Pour of tar and some distance in the dark.

Morning sun is a god’s lioness,

How we are torn as

Our halves make one in one.

Hesitation lurks in dark stasis.

Pivot of eyes and heads!— Furrow

Of the brow reflecting twisted minds—

Raging selves, running to disappear in

Dizzy streets painted with sepia light—

Looking for some booze, some fix, all elixir

Outside, outside body and mind is a fixer mad

More addictive and seductive than the mirage

Of happiness as heavenly as the moon-

Light, not flickering, I swear by the fickle

Light shining consistent bright.

Worst is an electrified fall in a dream

Land, I am pushing myself up to ride

Souls’ airplanes but they keep dropping

Angelic bombs to kill softly with love’s axe

And knife and other weapons that cut like

Sweet betrayal still bleeding. Open wounds killing

And amassing all war can hold in hands,

A little shock of mercy somewhere between victory and

Defeat is all we need, forgoing all

Balance to reach balance in near-future. I

Swallowed lots of shadows and pills

To drown sorrows faster and softer and better.

They learned to swim better in my pool of tears.

Abandoned all salt and water, left the sea to handle my

Mirages catastrophising. I see blood but do not

Bleed. My faded skin and veins poppin’ under eyes


They must have left their

Sockets by now, make me

Look as I feel dead dead—

All this pulse in me

The shadows in me, the blood running through me,

I do not believe in all this fluid motion, in the dark,

Everything is static yet rhythmic but dark and slowly

Fading in the bluest night and day snowballing into

Each other wrapped in a bubble, in a pipe-dream,

All this dream I collected and nourished and fed

Like a broken bird with black wings for decor,

I must have

Chased you deeper into the light

Casting my monsters,

Gifting them nightmares to prepare

Mouthful of berry-blood,

Saved from a night starry, where did my clouds go?

I need my rain so tears are accompanied

Better. A waking

Dream and a star-blanket over me

One room the whole world

If we didn’t have walls to put up around us;

The concrete and the invisible, the shark and his saw,

In mouth,

The baby and the corpse, all this duality

Should not always suffocate but free,

But flee, but

Emerge from the depths we escaped from,

The black and white the right and not,

All there is to see within us

Suffocating our worries deeper, making them rest a little,

Before we may befriend the monsters

And the gentle dragons firing away their

Split fires dance in air;

Ballooning, wishing away—

To not be burnt in dirt or hurt within curt


a glitter of seas.

The child’s cry

Melts in the wall.”

A child within

Calling me on

Before the laughter melts along

With the marsh cry.

A glacier spine I carry

Bent a million times over,

Along decaying smiles.