Asia, a land with mysteries behind every single milestone along the pathway of exploration reveals the most breath-taking views from the creator of the universe Himself. From multi-racial cultures, colourful festivals, a mind-blowing array of cuisines, Asia is never short of magic that keeps people coming back for more.

Keeping the wonderful introduction aside, what lies in the deepest depths of these magical lands? Why are suicide rates skyrocketing in this magical land? Was it a result of a poorly cast spell? – The answer lies behind closed doors of many. The ugly truth that no one is ready to face. The fear of being judged or the shame that comes with the label, “weak human being”.

As a working-class adult, I am not a stranger to the common response that I hear when a child comes up to me and says, “Dr, help me. I am stressed” and the parent chuckling while saying, “Stress? You call this stress? During my days…,” – and it goes on. My immediate response to that situation on the other hand would just be a blank stare.

Who do I blame? A child who is legitimately undergoing stress and is seeking for help or the parent who completely ignores the silent screams of the child. Is seeking for help a sign of weakness? There’s an old saying that goes, “The person who watches a crime being committed without attempting to stop the crime is as guilty as the criminal himself”. Me, not reacting to this would make me a criminal, wouldn’t it? So would all of you. Yes! Every single one of you.

Let me tell this to every single soul who is reading this. Asking for help is never a sign of weakness. We are at some point in life where we cannot seem to handle the weight of the world on our shoulders. It is alright to ask for someone to carry it for you for the time being until you gather your strength. It is like going to the gym. We start off with a set of light dumbbells for our workout, and before we know it, we are working on dumbbells that would make the building vibrate when you drop it to the floor.

To those parents who are probably cursing me and blaming me for making their child a “weakling”, Hold on! Let me tell you one little thing here. It is totally fine to wish the best for your child. To wish them a happy life when you’re gone. To make sure that they have a secure life before you close your eyes for good. You must remember that you are dealing with a human being who is growing. A human being who has emotions, likes, and dislikes. A human being who is not the same as you are even though they have half of your chromosomes in their genetic makeup.

Wish them to be happy in whatever They choose to do. Advise them accordingly. You have had more experience compared to them, so it is only fair to give advice when you see them going astray from what they plan to do. Never ever make them feel bad or ashamed when they seek help. Sometimes the reason why they are stressed might be you. I know it is a bitter pill to swallow but nobody is perfect. Remember, parenting is a process that prepares your child for independence. Be a parent, not an authoritarian.