Denzler's new paintings unite the precision and nostalgia of realism with the bold dynamism and pulsating energy of gestural abstraction. Creating mysterious, eerie and sometimes uncomfortable moments, the Artist invites the viewer into his private, voyeuristic world. Known for his signature style of thick horizontal bands of pigment traversing the canvas in thick choppy abstract strips - staccato points that add visual energy and suggest details lost in the fog of memory, time and space.

Each work is conceived while the Artist is on "photo safari"; Denzler photographs small moments while, in a public setting, his subject reveals for a split second something personal, honest and vulnerable. These photographs become the inspiration for the paintings to follow. The Artist's studio practice involves two complete paintings for every finished work. The first layer is a realistic oil painting on linen. Allowed to dry as Denzler studies them, sometimes for months, He then paints the same image a second time, directly on top of the first; this layer is created in gestural thick strokes. Working very quickly and assuredly, as Denzler has only three or four hours to finish before the paint begins to cure, the Artist then scraps away superfluous content. He leaves vestiges of what was there before, but just enough to peek our curiosity, not so much as to reveal his full intentions. The subsequent scenes go beyond the reconstruction of an image by empowering the canvas with a resonance that is reminiscent of Abstract Expressionist masterpieces.

Focused equally on technique and subject matter, the Artist has established a dialogue between subject and process. Giving a respectful nod to historical import, Denzler draws inspiration from new media, video art, photography, poetry and film. His use of wet-on-wet technique creates a fluid physical process that convincingly replicates filmatic motion. Denzler challenges himself to recreate the tension and energy of spontaneous movement which result in a rewardingly rich surface, revealing the hidden depths of these thickly painted works intermittently, leaving the viewer with a vague gnawing he has missed something beneath the tumultuous brushstrokes.

Denzler holds a Master of Fine Arts from Chelsea College, London. His works have been exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. The Artist has works in numerous public collections, including the Gwangju Museum of Art, Korea; the White House Collection, U.S.A.; Museum of Modern Art, Russia; and the Museum Würth, Germany. “Between the Fragments” is the artist’s third solo exhibition at Claire Oliver Gallery.