Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present Lush, a group show curated by Jennifer Rizzo. The exhibition brings together a group of over thirty artists from around the globe who have drawn inspiration from one of the most prominent muses of all times - the flowering species.

Throughout history, florals can ben found represented in art from all cultures and regions, as well as a source of inspiration within various artistic movements. With over 400,000 known plant species, artists have long looked to this endless array of specimens, utilizing them to convey a universal symbol of beauty as well as a spectrum of human emotion. By doing so, artists are able to imbue the delicately stemmed floral with great emotional heft.

Lush spotlights contemporary artists once again looking to the timeless floral muse, from Genevieve Cohn's jewel-toned figures interacting with nature, to Gabe Langholtz's works which tell an unfinished story, Anna Valdez's maximalist still lifes, and Lindsey Lou Howard's larger than life sculptural homage to plant-based fast food, the exhibition surveys a modern approach to a classic subject.