Are you being toxic to yourself? The most important relationship we have throughout our entire life is the one we have with ourselves. If you are constantly feeling negativity in the relationships around you, it's time to look inward! Read on for 10 signs you are being toxic to yourself…

For the longest time, I did not treat myself right and did not love myself enough. I didn't believe that I deserved the best that life had to offer. There was always a feeling that I was not worthy enough. I did not celebrate my imperfections. Because my relationship with myself was damaged, it greatly impacted my relationships with everyone around me, important to me.

And now that has changed. Big time! Because I stopped being toxic to myself. Hence, when I changed, my whole life changed! I think the beginning of all change lies in the knowing that you need to change... that you have to become a better version of yourself.

Here are 10 signs that you are being toxic to yourself! Take a moment and check mark the ones that you resonate with.

  1. You pay too much attention to what others think about you.
  2. You don’t know your boundaries and/or you don’t communicate them at the right time.
  3. You take too much responsibility for the well-being of others.
  4. You always settle for less (in love, relationships, work, money etc.).
  5. You don’t trust yourself and your instincts.
  6. You constantly try to justify yourself to others. You tend to compare yourself to others and/or feel ashamed of your imperfections.
  7. You don’t stand up for your needs and/or let others walk over you.
  8. You don’t take care of your body and feel guilty to indulge in pampering it.
  9. You don’t feel free to express your ideas.
  10. You allow people in your life to pull you down.

Do any of these resonate with you? If they do, then the toughest hurdle has been crossed - to admit it for what it is, knowing that you need to make some changes. Once you are open to the idea that your relationship with yourself needs work, it will become easier to identify where the negativity comes from. Whether it may be past life events, or negativity from those around you. It will take time and work, but you will be able to understand what contributes to you feeling in a certain way and you will be able to break the toxic cycle.

Working on my relationship with myself, with strength and introspection, has been one of the biggest life-changing experiences I have had. Gradually, I have been able to replace my toxic thoughts with positive ones. It has impacted my self-confidence and relationships in the best way.

It’s high time we changed our relationship with the most important person in our life, isn’t it? And that person is you.