"Painting is a deep dive within oneself with the goal of pulling out something beautiful with which the world can connect,” says Atlanta-based abstract painter Cat Tesla. Like many artists, Telsa finds her muse in nature. That connection has only grown stronger during the last 18 months. Her colors, textures, and forms are as richly varied as nature itself. Bold from a distance, her paintings at close range reward viewers with rich details and textures.

“My paintings seek to reveal what lies beneath both literally and spiritually,” says Tesla, who starts each day with a period of meditation before painting. “Coming to the studio centered and without expectation allows me to have a conversation with the canvas. A mark is made, in response another, and another, and the dance begins.” This exhibition marks Cat Tesla’s first solo show at Thomas Deans Fine Art.

Originally scheduled for March 2020, the exhibition Broken showcases new work by Atlanta painter Cason Adams. In these paintings, Adams brings together often incongruous visual elements to create a mysterious whole. The largely figurative paintings convey an ambiguity that leaves the viewer to extrapolate meaning.

Images drawn from Old Masters and 19th-century Romantic artists combine with neoexpressionism and computer-age pixilation in unexpected ways, inviting viewers to create narratives based on their own memory and imagination.

Adams uses a variety of media in his paintings, anything from charcoal pencils and permanent markers to house paint that he smooths and blends in a personal way. He fearlessly exploits and repurposes imagery drawn from wherever his senses lead him. As Adams himself says, “There are no sacred cows.”