This year, both historical and contemporary works were displayed together throughout the gallery. Masters in painting enhances the breadth of Nader's art collection by adding artworks from well-known modern and contemporary masters. They reveal the skills, experimentation, influences, and imagination of XX and XXI century artists. They highlight the richness of connections in modern and contemporary art through people, locations, design themes and influences, materials and techniques.

Works by Bas, Basquiat, Botero, Bravo, Chagall, Chia, Cruz Diez, De Szyszlo, Di Cavalcanti, Fanzhi, Figari Goldfarb, Halley, Hirst, Indiana, Kippenberger, Kuitca, Lam, Larraz, Matta, Matisse, Monet, Morales, Muñoz-Vera, Muñiz, Oehlen, Pelaez, Pettoruti, Picasso, Rauschenberg, Rivera, Ruff, Stella, Tamayo, Toledo, Torres-Garcia, Vasarely, Warhol among others are currently on display at the gallery.

Gary Nader Art Centre has brought some of the world's most renowned works of art to new audiences. Among them is the Pablo Picasso's masterpiece Buste d'homme écrivant (Autoportrait), an oil on canvas painted on 28 June 1971, a painting in which Picasso has masterfully depicted himself seated with pen and book in hand.

Fernando Botero's Dancers; oil on canvas, 1992 and monumental bronze sculpture "Donna in Piedi", 2010, Ballerini, 2012, Horse and Ratto d'Europa, stands as a great example of the artist's attempt to depict scenes of everyday life and to create sensuousness through corpulent forms influenced by the works of such artists as Velazquez, Goya, and Diego Rivera.

Two outstanding oil on canvas by Chilean master Matta, Morphologie psychologiquer de l'attente, painted in the year 1938 and Untitled, c. 1946. They both represent the concept of "psychological morphology", these are visionary works which presages the innovations that will lead Matta to become the titleholder of automatic gestural painting a few years later, influencing a new generation of artists including Motherwell, Pollock and Gorky.

Brazilian artist Vik Muñiz celebrates the legacy of Picasso's work by recreating some of his famous leitmotiv Jacqueline, after Picasso (Pictures of Pigment), C-print executed in the year 2007 where the artist incorporate quotidian objects to create a bold, ironic and illusory metaphor, collected from the pages of art history.

Works by American contemporary artists Hernan Bas and Peter Halley are also among the checklist of the new acquisitions. Bas is represented by one of his mythological expressionist paintings titled The Ash Tree (At once a voice arose among the bleak twigs overhead), 2010, acrylic, airbrush, household gloss, and block print on linen. The artwork Proximity Detector, 2001, Day-Glo acrylic, metallic acrylic and Roll-A-Tex on canvas embodies Halley's geometric abstract world.