Contemporary Spanish artist José-María Cano will showcase a group of 23 encaustic -a painting medium of hot beeswax- paintings, inspired by our planet’s solitary moon, named Luna (Moon). José-María Cano’s works have been exhibited at acclaimed museums and galleries worldwide.

The Moon. The only one. The soul of Thea. The recipient of humanity's most beautiful looks. The only thing that is exclusive to Earth along with mankind. The light in the darkness. The symbol of Islam, the Virgin Mary. Everyone saw the Moon. The same Moon. Only a few turned to listen to her. Those few went crazy or became eternal.

(José-María Cano, 2019)

Cano started his career as a musician and composer in the ’80s, being a member of the most successful Spanish pop band of all time, Mecano. Hijo de la Luna (Son of the Moon) is one of his most famous songs. After the band Mecano separated in 1992, José-María composed an opera named Luna (Moon), which was recorded with Plácido Domingo in the leading role, proving that Cano has been inspired by the Moon for a long time. For the past twenty years, the artist has devoted himself exclusively to painting, gaining international acclaim for his meticulous and visually engaging resin technique.