From December 18th to February 1st, Carpenters Workshop Gallery will show the work of Lachaert & D'Hanis in collaboration with Valérie Traan Gallery.

For nearly 20 years Sofie Lachaert and Luc d’Hanis have been working together. Their lives and work are inextricably intertwined. The concept of "shared" creativity runs like a thread through their work. Each project is a joint adventure, each product the result of a perfect symbiosis between designer Sofie Lachaert and artist Luc d'Hanis. In their objects, furniture as well as installations they simply ignore the boundaries between art, crafts and design. Their subtle interventions give everyday objects a new significance, an unexpected beauty. Creating fascinating delusions with a double bottom, shifting meaning and function.

For this exhibition, with their re-interpretation of a seventeenth century vanitas symbol, Lachaert and d' Hanis go back to the past. To a century in the art of painting when a lot of the depicted objects had a double, moralistic meaning; like a pile of books referring to our mortality and the transience of gathered, earthly knowledge. Vanitas symbolism played an important role and the elements referring to the temporariness and meaninglessness of this earthly live were numerous.

In this d'Hanis & Lachaert’s vanitas interpretation a number of traditional references converge. The burning candle points to the passing of time, the books, once a symbol of wisdom, now transformed into a decorative object, each book with a hidden story, completed with the personal story of the previous owners.

All images Courtesy Valerie Traan Gallery.

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