Dorothy Circus Gallery London is proud to present the solo exhibition The Human Odyssey by the Canadian painter Camilla d'Errico, opening in London on 19 November 2020 and running through 19 December 2020.

The renowned Canadian artist Camilla d’Errico returns again to Dorothy Circus Gallery, this time showcasing for the first time in the UK a brand-new series of 8 oil paintings and 8 drawings. The show, inspired by the artist’s latest emotional journey, represents d’Errico Helmet Girls in multifaceted and spiritual declensions. s time with a solo exhibition entirely dedicated to her Helmets Girls in multifaceted and spiritual variations.

With the sweetness and vivacity that distinguish her technique, Camilla d'Errico brings on stage the multiculturalism, duality, and introspection of six women. Each one of them reveals a world that is natural, enchanted and almost childish, taking us back to an archaic, intellectualistic conception of the woman, just like the work ‘L’Odissea Umana’ by the Italian writer Giorgio di Simone, where he explores the journey of self-discovery by overcoming a series of challenges.

The recurring theme of d’Errico research is the exploration of the relationship between Man and Nature, thanks to a perspective linked to astrology and lunar cycles and of the complementary reciprocity of the Universe's influences on the human species Therefore, the artist takes us on a galactic journey, or rather a Space Odyssey, where we are invited to wait together for the end of the year, while expecting that in the next one, we will be able to overcome the obstacles that we will encounter.