Although John Henri Moser’s paintings have been well collected in museums throughout the state of Utah, his works have never before had their own exhibition. As Utah’s first modernist, John Henri Moser’s paintings communicate artistic integrity through bright colors, loose brushstrokes, and an overall modern take on the Utah landscapes.

The cutting edge modernism that Moser was exposed to while studying abroad is clearly shown throughout this exhibition. Though Moser was originally in Paris to study traditional Renaissance-based art, the early 1900’s had so much more to explore. From 1908-1910, Moser was exposed to the exciting world of European modernism. He was highly influenced by the new ideas of cubism, the French explosions of color, and the French post-impressionism stylistic approaches surrounding him.

Upon returning to the U.S., Moser quickly recognized the unlocked potential that the Utah landscapes had to give. He realized that he could utilize these bright colors and loose expressive brushstrokes to show his love for the land. He found himself at a crossroads between the avant-garde new world he had experienced abroad and the traditional art that the Utah art world deemed acceptable. Although nobody at the time seemed to appreciate his modern approach to the Utah landscapes, Moser was steadfast in his artistic integrity and continued to paint his modern interpretations of the world around him. We hope you find a newfound love for the land of Utah as you come and experience this bright, new, modern interpretation in John Henry Moser: Painting Utah Modern.