Dear Britain, France, Belgium, Netherlands and even Germany,

Many years ago, in the mid twentieth century, you were in the process of being conquered by fascist regimes. Your citizens were being terrorized, abused and murdered. You yourselves were unable to rid your countries of this threat. You needed help.

And help we did. Along with others who are now attacking our very democracy, the United States, along with our Allies, liberated you from this terrifying threat. Our country was divided in opinion and many blamed the people of your nations, not realizing what the people can and cannot do against trickery, lies and sheer force. Many in your countries are now saying the same thing about the American people. They laugh at our president as if he were just a performer, a clown. They criticize us for not simply ridding ourselves of him.

But it is not so simple. If our current president, not duly elected, were only just a clown and a performer it might be possible to act decisively; he is that of course, but he is much more and that much more is lethal not only to us, but eventually to the entire planet. As is now public and obvious, his own party members are afraid to vote against him, afraid of retaliation or even being “taken out.”

He seems to be part of a Russian international cartel who have spent years preparing for the war that they are waging against the American people. Perhaps most of us are naive in our beliefs about freedom and our American lack of awareness of danger. We were largely taken by surprise and unprepared for the coup under which we are now struggling as one of our WWII allies became our invaders. The Cold War has heated up and the country is on fire.

As Americans, most of us have been proud of our system of government, our rights to vote and to express our criticisms freely and without censure in the various media. We have always had serious problems, but as well we have always been able to rectify them. We have always been able to speak up and to speak out.

Today, we can no longer say that and many of us are horrified and ashamed of our nefariously installed government. This government was not democratically elected and it’s not functioning according to the laws of the land. It is no longer possible to think any more that the good people of the non-United States can stop them without a reshuffling of our former alliances. As you needed our assistance, we now need yours.

Please understand that this government does not serve at the will of the people. Without interference, the people elected Hillary Clinton as the 45th president. But the will of the wealthy and powerful was stronger than that of democracy. Money, avarice and cheating have trumped freedom.

The people protest. The people speak and write and even take to the streets, but all to no avail. The power and control reside with the international cabal of the powerful, rich men. They are united in their voracity and greed, waging a world wide war, sometimes, but not always, physically violent. While a scattered traditional warfare has become endless, so has the cyber warfare made possible by technology.

We are in despair. So we turn to you to ask you to return the favor of World War II and to rescue freedom and democracy from the ravages of fascism that have become WW III. We are fighting as hard as we can and in as many ways as we can. We are as far away from your daily reality and concern as you once were from ours. Please discern the difference between the people and the rulers and help save the people. You owe us one.

The American People

(Represented here by Ellyn Kaschak, Ph.D.)