Alberta Pane Gallery is pleased to present the fourth solo exhibition of the Italian-Austrian artist Esther Stocker entitled Loving Imperfectly in its Parisian space. New sculptures and paintings by the artist will create an enveloping and unique installation in the gallery space.

Esther Stocker is internationally renowned for her paintings and installations made in an abstract and geometrical perspective, the two genres being closely related to each other. The artist’s installations are three-dimensional projections of her paintings, exclusively made with a limited palette of black, grey and white. Could they be described as spatial, sculptural paintings or rather as pictorial spaces? Esther Stocker breaks the genres of art, appropriating herself of floors, walls, and ceilings; creating her own structural space inside the exhibition spaces.

“In this exhibition, I want to combine sculptures with paintings. They are structural works with interruptions in geometry, more precisely: systems that show both order and disorder. I want forms to become free of our expectations. It’s as if we were “constrained” by the things we know and this condition can restrict the space we give to our imagination. I am looking for undefined, vacant, “open” and free points.

There are structures that have an open, free character because the elements inside them are not combined in a logical way and therefore never create a coherent whole. For me, this is the potential of the free form: something incomplete that can be viewed as “trend”, but which will never come to completion.

In my paintings and sculptures, I want to describe the ambiguity and uncertainty of a system. I use the precision of a system to question the system itself. I try to liberate and abandon our ways of understanding and looking which are linked to the recognizable nature of the forms, and which distinguishes us from each other, of ten unconsciously. "

(Esther Stocker)