Fisher Parrish Gallery is pleased to present 01102020 curated by Y2K group featuring works by Doris Guo, Linnea Kniaz, Kricket Lane, Cole Lu, and Rose Marcus.

Y2K group brings together these five sculptors under little pretense – instead of a theme to be applied to the artists artificially, the exhibition is organized around the artists, their work, and the curator’s memories and experiences visiting, meeting, and knowing each artist in various degrees. Each artist’s work exists in a peripheral field within the gallery space in which the artworks are experiential – interacting with both the space of the gallery and the viewer. In order to describe the show, the concept acts more like an identifier and not a singular idea holding everything together. The main idea and question is, how does the viewer interact with the artworks, with the space where the artworks are installed, and how do the artworks interact with each other? Each experience will differ based on how the exhibition is approached and based on the individual viewer’s observation and perception of what is in front of them. This is the intended way to experience the exhibition—to interact by physically being there to observe. Documentation will give a glimpse into the exhibition through images, but this will be only one perspective, which is that of the photographer. Since exhibition titles are another method used to label or define a traditional group show, the title references simply the opening date: 01102020.

01102020 is based on one’s perception of our collective reality and loosely based around the simulation argument. In its minimal display of objects and installation it asks the viewer if what we are seeing is real or simulated, how we perceive the empty space in front of our eyes, and how we should interact within this reality.

Doris Guo works in Queens. She received her BFA from Pratt Institute. Her recent solo exhibitions include: 9PM Til I, Eclair (Berlin); XO, Bodgea (New York); Coffee & Tea, Princess (New York); Joss, Real Fine Arts (Brooklyn). Recent and past group exhibitions include: Cruise Kidman Kubrick, Galerie Maria Bernheim (Zurich); note: standing prop, Manila Institute (New York); Pastoral (Grind and Drone), 47 Canal (New York); The Parisian Nights, Crèvecœur Paris); Mad child of a wise mother, CACMB (Paris); The Fates, Interstate Projects (Brooklyn).

Linnea Kniaz lives and works in Brooklyn. She received her MFA from California Institute of the Arts. Recent solo and two-person exhibitions include: Running Bond, Magenta Plains, (New York); Jackie Winsor, Linnea Kniaz, Paula Cooper Gallery (New York); Between the Window and the Pipe, Y2K group (Brooklyn), A Noiseless Patient Spider, VACANCY (Los Angeles). Recent and past group exhibitions include: “and I’ll have a pepper-shaker in my cave, so laugh”, LTD (Los Angeles); mushrooms, Y2K group off-site (New York); Frame Structures, Magenta Plains (New York); seafood stew, Y2K group off-site (Maspeth); Binder #2, organized by Emily Ludwig Shaffer for In Response: The Arcades, The Jewissh Museum (New York); Shifting Subjecthoods, curated by Jenni Crain, Torrance Shipman Gallery (Brooklyn).

Kricket Lane lives and works in Hudson, NY. She received her BFA from Smith College. Her recent solo exhibition includes: Prepositions All the Way Down, Lubov (New York). Past group exhibitions include: Marketplace, 321 Gallery (Brooklyn); In the Works, Unisex Salon (Brooklyn); Sense-Data, RK Projects @ Shoot The Lobster (New York).

Cole Lu works in Brooklyn. Lu received a MFA from Washington University in St. Louis. Recent solo exhibitions include: The Dust Enforcer (All These Darlings Said It’s the End and Now US), Deli Gallery (Brooklyn); The Third Lie, Syndicate, Poppositions 2019 (Brussels); Augusta Prima, 77 Mulberry (New York); Animal Fancy, Monaco (St. Louis). Recent and past group exhibitions include: Laraium, Deli Gallery (Brooklyn); note: standing prop, Manila Institute (New York); Ambient Commons, 77 Mulberry (New York); OVC, organized by Meg Onli and Lauren Downing, Institute of Contemporary Art (Philadelphia)

Rose Marcus lives and works in New York. She received a MA from Hunter College. Her recent solo exhibitions include: FRONT, Night Gallery (Los Angeles), Core, Mary Mary (Glasgow); The Four Seasons, Night Gallery (Los Angeles). Recent and past group exhibitions include: Leavee, Parisian Laundry (Montreal); Devotion: How Sitting on the Floor at the Store Reminded Me Weaknesses Show Strength, Kimberly-Klark (Queens); Condo New York, Mitchell Algus Gallery (New York); Metropolis, Simon Lee Gallery (New York); In The Abstract, curated by Susan Cross, MASS MoCA (North Adams, MA); The Gap Between the Fridge and the Cooker, The Modern Institute (Glasgow); Daydream from 2013, curated by Matthew Flaherty, CANADA (New York).