Miguel Marcos gallery presents “La piel que habito”, a monographic exhibition of the Chinese artist Lin Mo - 林墨 (Harbin, China, 1962). The title is a metaphor of method used by the artist for this exhibition: on a canvas, acrylic and ink reflect the emotions of the author that will later be separated from it, similar to who leaves his skin. That old skin is what symbolizes this new work, some materials separated from the body but joined together by a methacrylate support, some pictures that indicated the skin where he lived but clearing the way for the new skin to live in.

His work has already been exhibited in the gallery through the individual exhibitions "Dios es zurdo" (December 2017) and "Decarnation" (December 2015), and in the collective "Abstracción" and "Black Box" of December 2016 and November of 2014 respectively.

Lin Mo is an active and vital artist. Since he graduated in Fine Arts at Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts in 1984 he has been traveling and living in different countries, especially between Asia and Europe. So, Lin Mo's work means the perfect balance between the two worlds creating a symbiosis between east and west as harmonious as the representation that the artist projects on the canvas.

His painting is colorful and passionate, full of bright brushstrokes that emulate textures. For the artist, the canvas has no limits, he wants to discover everything that is beyond him, through the layers of paint. The technique, large random brushstrokes, does not follow artistic parameters. Everything is governed by what he calls "pure painting", creating spots that generate rhythms, relationships, moments.

“La piel que habito” is an emotional and sensory journey whereby the deep brushstrokes will guide the viewer through the infinite canvases. This is a translation in the abstract romanticism, in which the vibration of the colours combines with the tradition of the ink, which in many occasions seems hidden to the senses. After all, it is what the ancients called the esoteric.