The artist Sarah Cain seeks out new territories for painting and frequently works at the scale of architecture. For the Colby Museum, she will create an on-site painting that will cover the full expanse of the lobby floor. In a space that functions as a gateway to the galleries, Cain’s hand in hand will be immersive and reorienting, evidencing change and transformation in response to experience, from the ground up.

Born in 1979, Cain grew up in Upstate New York and has lived and worked in California since the late 1990s. Now based in Los Angeles, she received a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and an MFA from UC Berkeley. Her work is represented in major museum collections and has appeared in exhibitions nationally and internationally. Attuned to resonances between painting, poetry, and music, Cain recently completed We Will Walk Right Up to the Sun, a monumental stained-glass commission for the San Francisco airport.