This exhibition brings together the work of three major American artists whose practice is deeply engaged with the history of representation of women. Presented artworks are draw from the collection of Carol and David Appel, Works in the exhibition are drawn from the collection of Carol and David Appel, prominent collectors of international contemporary art in Canada.

Two representatives from the Pictures Generation, Sherman and Simmons, deconstruct how mass media infiltrates the construction of the female identity. The exhibition features Simmons’ major work Walking Camera (Jimmy the Camera) II (1987), which ironizes the relationship between photography and the representation of the female body.

Their work is set in dialogue with one of Harrison‘s most important photographic projects, Voyage of the Beagle (2007). This work constitutes a photographic journey into the history of sculptural representations of the body – both human and animal – ranging from ancient menhirs to taxidermy deer, to modern-day mannequins. The photographs by Harrison, Sherman and Simmons force us to recognize that the deeper reality is always beyond the face of the image, outside the frame, in the intervening spaces.