The world's first electricity-to-water transformer (PTEEM) and the world's first water-to-wind transformer (PTEVM) were created for the inauguration of the Montreal Science Centre in May 2000.

My machines, with their constant scientific humour, are designed to mystify adults and to foster children's sense of observation and wonder, to spark their imagination and the resulting creativity.

(Florent Veilleux, seeking imaginary solutions to utopian problems)

The PTEEM is a hydroelectric generating station that works backwards. It produces water from electrical energy. This crazy idea came to life when our inventor was concerned by the alarming rate at which we consume our planet’s water. By automating various recycled objects he created a machine that produces an endless flow of water. A little bit like his own endless flow of ideas.

As if that wasn’t innovative enough, he then had the brilliant idea to collect all that gushing water and turn into a generating station, which will transform it into wind! Hard to believe, we know! Take a look at the water-to-wind generating station (PTEVM). This virtual wind machine isn’t only entertaining but it also powers a windmill that produces electricity. And what is the electricity used for? Why, to make water! And what is the water used for? To make wind, of course, which will power the flow of ideas in the mind and conquer the idea of space and time. The result? An invention that uses "applied pataphysics", the science of imaginary solutions, to power a digital windmill clock with integrated vertical pendulum.