Australian Open 2012 is set to offer the highest prize money in the history of Grand Slam tennis. The annual event will take place in Melbourne, Australia, on January 16th through January 29th, 2012. The prize amount will be $26 million, with the men’s and women’s champions taking home a record of $2.3 million each.

Melbourne is getting ready to host this huge event, an experience that captures people all around the world’s attention and brings all the tennis aficionados together to celebrate the peak of tennis achievement.

The sport event inspires players to perform at their highest level and effort; Australian Open, well known all over the globe, expects a high number of Chinese visitors in 2012, as tennis is becoming very popular in China thanks in part to the recent success of 2011 Australian Open runner-up and Chinese female champion Li Na.

The men’s singles championship will be contested for the 100th time at Australian Open 2012. Since the early 1900 the men’s title has been won by 59 different male players. A commemorative coin has been struck to symbolize the milestone; the 100th champion will also be awarded an exclusive medal coined just for the occasion.

Venus Williams, the famous American tennis player, stated she is training and getting ready for the Australian Open; she believes she will be present at the event ready to participate and to give the best of herself. Most of all she will be ready to play and to win. In a statement she said "I am getting ready for the next Australian Open, I will be there!"

The event’s officials have disclosed that, if purchased in advance, tickets for the 2012 Australian Open will remain at 2011 prices; for information about the event and prices, please visit the official website