Further to creating the ‘Coca-Cola’ serigraphs, Coca-Cola and Romero Britto partnered to create a series of special Coca-Cola inspired artworks to commemorate last year’s Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympic Games.

Romero created five unique paintings and five pins that formed a special Olympic edition. Coca-Cola and Romero Britto also organised a string of extraordinary events that took place across Britto’s Brazil during last year’s Olympic celebration.

In a written statement president of Coca-Cola Brazil, Xiemar Zarazúa said, “Romero Britto is a natural ambassador for Brazil abroad and he charms the world with the style of his art, the partnership turns him into a storyteller of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Coca-Cola story, from capturing elements from the five regions of the country, and also through the Torch Relay and with our special bottle, until Rio 2016 with the pins.”