We met with Antoine Asmar, he's an architect, interior designer and landscaper based in Paris, France. With a strong background in the field of architecture as well as renovation, he easily works with small and big spaces.

Most of his projects are designing apartments, restaurants, spas and soon to open hotels. During the process he loves to focus on the smallest details, from furniture design to door handles, adapting the space to the owner.

Architecture is my passion, and customization is my speciality.

(Antoine Asmar)

This statement is confirmed by his projects, which are personalized and do not look alike, they are simply in harmony with their spaces and their occupants.

Antoine, can you tell us more about your education and how you started in the industry?

I started with a degree in Lebanese architecture, followed by a specialization in Italy and finally a degree in French architecture & landscaping in Paris. Originally, I wanted to work in fashion.

Architect, interior designer, landscaper… Which of these spheres has been the biggest challenge so far?

I cannot really tell, but I guess that interior design is the most difficult, as I must juggle between the technical problems and my client’s expectations.

How are architecture and product design interrelated? Is product design the equivalent of micro-architecture?

Architecture and product design go hand in hand together in perfect harmony. It is all about creating a custom space, a special and customized mood for my customers, with whom I create at the end of the project, good friendship bonds.

What is the definition of the term "design quality" for Antoine Asmar?

It is all about an architecture “Sur Mesure’. Every place reflects the image of the people living in the space.

Which style would you say has had the most influence on you?

In architecture, I am a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright. In interior design, every place and style can be a success, but I usually like mixing old and new furniture.

Do you think it’s fair to say that quality architecture is becoming ever more elitist?

My architecture is for all people, but the design and special furniture is a plus.

Where do you find is the best place to work? Do you have a preferred environment or country?

I cannot give an answer as all the projects are interesting, but some countries are easier when it comes to production and implementation.

Look back over two decades of creations, which is your favorite piece/renovation?

For this question, I have no answer as I am eternally unsatisfied.

Do you prefer to work quickly or take your time on each creation?

For the technical side, it’s better to take the time to avoid errors, but for the creation, all is about inspiration.

What would you really like to create?

I have so many ideas in my head, I am a dreamer and I would love to go into the most details such as glasses and plates: creation is my way of breathing.

Do you think of yourself as an artist? Most of your creations look like art pieces.

I am a composer who would like to do lots of things and like a child, I would like to enjoy all the moments, in particular, the realization part.

How hard is to find the perfect harmony for your clients in their living space?

It’s all about alchemy, that's why getting to know them better is a must. I have to be a part of their daily life so I can manage the space at their image: each apartment or house must be in harmony with the inhabitants.

How do you feel at the end of a project?

I feel sad to end a project as I always want to add more details and improve them. I get nostalgic when I deliver a project as a big part of the joy of my life relies on architecture and design.

There is nothing more uncommon than common sense.

(Frank Lloyd Wright)

Which is the aspect you love the most about being an architect and designer?

An architect can and must advise his clients, whereas a designer gives and keeps a mark, it’s one of the luxuries of life.

We’ve seen your recent creation, Surrounded, can you take us through the inspiration behind it?

I'm all about our personal life, union and duets, sometimes we feel surrounded and sometimes in a corner alone: I wanted, by using bronze and resin, create a marriage between the solid and the transparency: a part of my character, a mix of being a dreamer and a realist.

Architecture requires diplomatic skills; how do you network and find new clients?

I am not a sales-oriented Architect: early in life I had to choose my way of working and I decided to let my work speak for me. Word of mouth has been the main source of new clients. I'm great at advertising other people, but not my work.

Which trends you consider have a particularly strong influence on the design of today?

I learn every day and I try to avoid trends, as I cannot compare them. Trends are completely different and complementary, so they can be a great source of inspiration but never the base for new projects.

What are you spending your time on now?

On one hand, I am currently working on remodelling apartments and houses. On the other, I am working on a special project which I cannot reveal… It is actually a secret that I'll share soon!

Where can we find more pictures and updates on your latest projects?

The best place is my Instagram, I always post all my renovations, projects and furniture pieces.