The theater Anteo, in Milan, Italy, will host Sebastiano Ardita’s new book presentation, “Blackmail to the State.” Among the individuals that will attend and participate to the event, there will be Sebastiano Ardita (judge at the Department of Penitentiary Administration), Giovanna Maggiani Chelli (President of the Association for the victims of the Georgofili’s massacre families), Salvatore Borsellino (founder of the Red Diaries) and Antonio Ingroia (magistrate to the anti-mafia office of Palermo). Also present will be Gianni Barbacetto, writer and journalist, in the role of mediator.

The highlight of the book, is the reconstruction, accompanied by precise citations and documentation, of what happened in 1993, among the massacres in Florence, Milan, and Rome, and before the planned massacre at the Olympic Stadium; in particular, about what took place at the DAP in 1993. Within the book the readers will find out about incredibly unknown circumstances, kept secret until now, 20 years later. Circumstances that are in contrast with numerous false statements made in the past by the media and by those people who held powerful positions at the government; this book reveals facts and situations that for many years people had tried to keep silent and hidden.