The new Elisa Contemporary Art exhibit, Picture This, opens November 6 at the Elisa Contemporary Art Riverdale Gallery. This group show is a photography-based exhibit. The show will run through January 15, 2020 (Closed December 18, 25 and January 1). It features the work of Bronx artist John Conn, Atlanta artist Paula Brett and Westport artist, Nina Bentley.

Photographer John Conn has spent his career capturing people and places all around the world. In 2010, he spent 45 days in Antarctica and Patagonia preserving images of the monumental icebergs. In 2016, he lived in Cuba for a month drawn in by the vintage cars and timeless architecture. In the mid-70's, Hoboken NJ was his focus. His photographs continue to be part of the Hoboken Historical Museum. Picture This features photographs from these three series.

The exhibit features a group of Mandalas by Paula Brett. These limited edition photographs are Mandalas made from pieces of Candy, Jewels, Toy Cars and other favorites. According to Brett, “The mandala symbolizes the law of the universe and since man is also a microcosm of the universe, many cultures believe that the mandala also symbolizes the human soul. Mandalas serve as collection point for universal forces...My intention with these mandalas is to arrange everyday sweets and favorite objects into a pattern which becomes sacred, where delicious turns divine, the enticing now exquisite.”

Nina Bentley's limited edition Vintage Typewriter Sculpture Prints -- Meltdown II and Searching for the Right Type II are also included.