K Imperial Fine Art is pleased to present FLAWLESS a solo exhibition of the work of bay area artist, Peter Combe. This will be Peter’s first solo show with K Imperial Fine Art.

It’s actually hard to imagine how Peter Combe creates his work. Using paint swatches that he punches into round discs, he is able to compose portraits of people by using the color to establish lights and darks and hence a face or eye emerges.

He is meticulous in his execution of the work and is a true master of his medium. The work seems to shift as the viewer moves around the pieces almost creating a hologram effect. “A single light source projected at the color side of the discs produces a magical result especially when viewed directly before the work. It is almost as if tiny LED lights shine between and bounce off the backsides (text side) of the paper discs. If lit by natural light, these artworks change throughout the day. While working on these pieces, my favorite period of the day is twilight – in that interval the colors scheme to come alive subtly yet rather dramatically at the same time – it becomes a still point for me as an artist.” — Peter Combe

Peter’s work has been exhibited all over the world. He is in many corporate collections as well as museums throughout the country.