David B. Smith Gallery is proud to present Underlined, a solo exhibition by New York-based artist Shantell Martin.

Born in London, Martin’s reputation as a visual artist, designer, and cultural influencer is recognized around the globe. A textbook mover and shaker, Martin transcends media, bringing energy and authenticity to her iconic black and white drawings.

Opening in tandem with her solo exhibition at the Denver Art Museum, in Underlined, Martin will feature 12 new works on paper along with objects and custom furniture throughout the main gallery. Via curving continuous lines punctuated with faces, figures, and words, Martin offers insight into her subconscious.

Created primarily in an automatic drawing style, without any sketches or compositional studies done beforehand, each piece resonates with an unmistakable quality of flow that has become her trademark. Playful, insightful, and imbued with both personal and universal meaning, Shantell Martin’s natural skill and casual elegance are boldly featured in Underlined.