Woodward Gallery highlights original paintings by Japanese Artist Kenji Nakayama and Australian Artist Brad Robson on the subject of Brooklyn, New York. Today these international artists share the city streets for 60 Days of Summer in the Woodward Gallery Windows at 132A Eldridge Street on view 24/7.

Nakayama painted his 15 foot mural nine years ago for Woodward’s Project Space. On public view once again in this two-person exhibition, Kenji Nakayama’s master work should not be missed! “Brooklyn Bridge” is expertly rendered in multilayered hand-cut stencils and spray enamel. Find yourself absorbed by the depth of his iconic image while standing before it.

Robson was challenged to create a city scene and chose Bushwick, Brooklyn as his muse. The color and energy as silhouetted characters move through his canvases provide the vibrance and frenetic pace that NYC offers. This series was originally presented by Woodward at Gourmet Garage, Lincoln Square.

No need to cross the bridge to experience a slice of Brooklyn through the eyes and imagination of these unique, global artists!