Going into a paint store like Sala Parés can become a very rewarding experience, an adventure full of surprises, discoveries and unexpected encounters. The rough background of painting, after 142 years of trajectory, as it is evident, is diverse, extensive and, surely, endless. Walking hours and hours through the corridors and shelves invaded by paintings, manipulate them, discover them, rediscover them and, evidently, select them to be part of a collective exhibition of many eras and many possible styles. This researcher spirit is the basis of the sample RE-DISCOVERED PAINTINGS.

The exhibition is the result of this research task inside the warehouse, time to look for new fabrics that seem to be forgotten but which have an extraordinary artistic value. The result is a set of works and artists that have exhibited in Sala Parés, which have been part of the history of the gallery at some point in the last forty years.

Each work is a discovery by itself, a special artistic object which, when exposed, was put into custody in the warehouse for years, and sometimes decades, waiting for its opportunity. Through a long period of cure conservation but deprived of visibility, these works had come to acquire a nature of lost object or hidden object. This is how the works have been treated as objets trouvés, a dimension that can only be presented after this accurate search exercise. They have regained their visibility, they have achieved their new opportunity and, finally, they have been discovered or, rather, re-discovered in the heart of the Sala Prés.