Colour is an immersive performance orchestrated by Sean Rogg creating a multi-sensory experience of sight, sound, scent and taste, inspired by colour.

This exclusive and experimental performance will capture the synergy between the various imaginations of our creative team, taking you on a sensory journey of colour directed and orchestrated by the artist, Sean Rogg. The team includes: production designer, Greg Shaw; product designer, Fernando Laposse; food designer and chef, Ben Spalding; choreography, Aoi Nakamura & Estéban Fourmi and sound designer, Alessio Natalizia.

The Experimental Laboratory performance is positioned in the larger remit of The Waldorf Project begun by Sean Rogg in 2012. The ambitious artistic ideas explored through this experimental performance will be developed further into the large-scale performance of The Waldorf Project Chapter 2: Colour next year. Due to its experimental nature, parts of the performance will be different each evening offering our guests a unique experience every time. As part of the experience the differing components of the evening will be interacting with the guests in various ways, allowing them to be part of an unforgettable performance, so feedback on the night will be greatly appreciated.

Legendary California winery Sanford and Benedict’s prior owner has provided us with a small quantity of his personal stock from his private cellar. This is an extremely rare opportunity to drink these wine treasures. Four of the wines are special projects and collaborations with Au Bon Climat that were never released onto the market.

The Waldorf Project
10-12 Exhibition Road, South Kensington
London SW7 2HF United Kingdom
Mob. +44 (0)79 46399916

Opening hours
Thursday - Sunday
From 7.30pm to 10.00pm

Ticket price
£90 per person