Each summer, we hold the European Cultural Days. Every year the month-long event showcases a different European country, region, or city and the people who live there. A small thematic exhibition is accompanied by a rich events programme. For the 20th anniversary of MEK in 2019, the focus is on a transcultural theme for the first time: “Europa à la carte. Connected by Food”.

Eating and drinking concerns everyone: Consumption satisfies basic needs, but it also encompasses culture, experience and culinary enjoyment. During times of great mobility, we assimilate ever more regional, international, transnational and transcontinental influences. Culinary migration is an important ingredient in today’s lifestyles.From a cultural-anthropological and sociological perspective, this year’s European Cultural Days turns the spotlight on identity-forming and transcultural facets of European cuisine.

The past, present and future of the European diet will be discussed in lectures and round-table talks during which peculiarities and clichés surrounding everything from Pierogis to reindeer meat come under scrutiny. Culinary delights also won’t disappoint: This year’s Cultural Days have been developed with numerous cooperation partners from previous Cultural Days events, who offer Sámi, Apulian, Sardinian, Georgian, Friesian, and Thessalonikian specialities and provide information about them. Musical performances, films and readings on the subject round out the programme.