sp[a]ce gallery at Ayzenberg is thrilled to announce its second VR exhibition, Robot Remix VR . Curated by Milo Talwani and Paisley Smith , Robot Remix VR w ill premiere some of the medium’s most advanced and cutting-edge experiences to the public for the first time.

Previously only available to select audiences at international film festivals, these immersive VR narratives will finally be available to the general public in a white-glove, VIP setting. The first phase of ROBOT REMIX Immersive XR (Saturday, July 6th, to Sunday, July 28th) grants audiences exclusive access to 6 award-winning experiences including Gloomy Eyes, Your Hands are Feet, Virtual Virtual Reality.

“Virtual Reality is supposed to be for everyone,” says Smith. “While working with different film festivals that made space for exhibiting these amazing works, we realized these award-winning experiences were only being seen by very small, and frankly, elite, audiences. They weren’t getting out in the world the way they should.”

After stunning entertainment industry insiders at Sundance and Tribeca International Film Festival , Talwani and Smith decided to partner with sp[a]ce gallery at Ayzenberg to give the art world and Angelenos alike a chance to experience the leading-edge of VR. Talwani set out to design the exhibit in a way that allows attendees to fully be immersed in each experience. Unlike traditional trade-show VR showcases, Robot Remix VR will allow only fifteen attendees into the exhibit per hour, and each will have their own headset to wear the entire time. “This is the closest thing to a VIP experience attendees can have without paying a premium,” says Talwani.